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Beautifully Dying in Her Arms
This is the story of how our love crashed and
burned in the most non-cliche, cliche there ever
was. We never knew where to sit at lunch except
maybe anywhere but the lunchroom. She never
questioned my need to pick at the endless supply
of wasted creativity plastered to the art tables, I
appreciated her silent stare. We both have an
alarming attraction to crushed ice, I watch with
bated breath as she lets it dance on her lips before
devouring it between her teeth; she doesn't think
I notice, but I always catch the amusement in her
eyes when I test liquid color pallets against its roughness.
I often wonder if it reminds her too of the way we
tested ourselves in each others arms. I'm sorry that
my skin bursts at the seems when she holds me, I
hate the tears in her eyes when her frantic hands sew
it back together as I watch on helplessly. Her porcelain
presented skin cuts like barbed wire when I caress her,
unlike all the others, I embrace the pain. At this point most
would ask: How lost w
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Bounce by FaberrittanaCaskett Bounce :iconfaberrittanacaskett:FaberrittanaCaskett 1 0 Highway Nightmare by FaberrittanaCaskett Highway Nightmare :iconfaberrittanacaskett:FaberrittanaCaskett 1 0 Flare by FaberrittanaCaskett Flare :iconfaberrittanacaskett:FaberrittanaCaskett 0 0 Heaven's Eye by FaberrittanaCaskett Heaven's Eye :iconfaberrittanacaskett:FaberrittanaCaskett 0 0 Bloom by FaberrittanaCaskett Bloom :iconfaberrittanacaskett:FaberrittanaCaskett 0 0 Rose Curtain by FaberrittanaCaskett Rose Curtain :iconfaberrittanacaskett:FaberrittanaCaskett 1 0
Mature content
Corruption :iconfaberrittanacaskett:FaberrittanaCaskett 2 3
I was floating, unaware, in a stream of
my own consciousness, with thoughts
flying overhead and my body slowly
sinking. I had carried each one of my
worries on pebbles in my pockets; there
were lost friendships, a bitter broken
home, and wasted happiness. Somehow
they were the least of all my burdens.
The boulder of your love rests on my weary
heaving chest, branding my heart and soul
with the very essence of your being. I
wanted to be your knight, but my armor
was made of shining silver and I could not
bare to scratch it, in fear of losing it all,
failing to realize that I had lost it long ago,
when I let you break down my crumbling walls.
Now I am left with the shards of my fragmented
existence, slowly giving into a losing battle
I never fought to begin with. My lungs are
burning, filled with lost love and disappointment.
I can hardly help closing my eyes, accepting my
fate, I had always known it would end this way.
:iconfaberrittanacaskett:FaberrittanaCaskett 1 3
Snow Globe by FaberrittanaCaskett Snow Globe :iconfaberrittanacaskett:FaberrittanaCaskett 2 1 Cloudy Day by FaberrittanaCaskett Cloudy Day :iconfaberrittanacaskett:FaberrittanaCaskett 2 3 Half a Second of Sorrow by FaberrittanaCaskett Half a Second of Sorrow :iconfaberrittanacaskett:FaberrittanaCaskett 2 1
Don't Cry, My Love
For the first time 
(to my lover) 
I did the question pose.
Darling why are you crying?
"Because you are my everything."
A face like yours should not mar itself with the past.
"I worry not, you always save me from myself."
For you were always a martyr in your skin.
:iconfaberrittanacaskett:FaberrittanaCaskett 1 0
House of Mirrors
She built up walls around her mind inside
a house of mirrors. Somehow she thought
this wold prove her sanity. The over barring
voices of her reflections shout nightmares
onto deaf and bleeding ears, until the walls
of what she had built to protect her began
to shatter. She crawled on hands and knees
through rooms of forgotten memories and 
broken dreams. Although she dared not leave
damaged house within her mind, she feared 
the outside far more. She does not like the
feel of padded walls or the hugging of her own
arms when she has fallen apart. Nor does she
care for the unfitting voices of "mother" and 
"father" when her keeper brings her out to play,
but that won't keep a smile off of her face.
:iconfaberrittanacaskett:FaberrittanaCaskett 2 3
Cheshire by FaberrittanaCaskett Cheshire :iconfaberrittanacaskett:FaberrittanaCaskett 3 3
Angel of Death
Death is coming child.
Are you ready?
His pace is meager yet meaningful,
with unfurled wings, dinged, and
mournfully heavy with the lives
he has taken. His scythe rusted
and worn, with his bony fingers
grasping desperately to the gilded
staff. He is waiting for you.
You are the child with alabaster
wings dancing in flight and your
scythe glowing like untouched
monochrome. He's waiting for your
delicate toes to touch the ground
for the first time, your scythe to
whorl above your head, and have
his last wish granted.
He's waiting for you to realize,
you were never meant to be an angel.
:iconfaberrittanacaskett:FaberrittanaCaskett 3 0


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United States
There's not much to say about myself but I love photography, drawing, and writing whatever comes to mind. The arts in general have always been a part of my life and one day I hope I can be paid to do what I love. I'm your average theater geek and all around fan-girl. Superheroes are basically my spirit animal and I couldn't dare choose between DC or Marvel. I also have a tumblr so I'll leave a link to it below. (*pssst* feel free to check it out ;))

:iconfeelingfreeplz:I'm probably as peculiar as they come but welcoming to all.:iconyuihugplz:
So it seems that I've been gone for a while now, but never fear I'm back again. If you're wondering what I was up to then I'll be happy to tell you. First, as you all don't know I am on a Slam Poetry team and we were #1 in our region so we were headed to finals which took up a lot of my time. Exam hell week was just ugh... and school ending is much more stressful than I would imagine aka college essays and things of the like.

So that was my life. How's yours going?



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